3 Business Advantages

Distinctions Of Owning a Wee Watch Home Based Child Care Agency Business

At Wee Watch®, we pride ourselves in the fact that our customers entrust us with their most prized possession – their children. We carefully protect the image and reputation we’ve built over the years to ensure we satisfy our customers’ concern for the safety and well being of their children in the most important early years of their development.

Wee Watch franchise owners are able to start growing their home childcare businesses quickly using proven business and child care management techniques that have been established and evolved since we first started franchising in 1986. The Wee Watch system simplifies every aspect of business and operations – from sales, marketing, financials, quality assurance to daycare programming.

What Makes Wee Watch The Right Investment:

  • An affordable start-up business with low overhead, in-home daycare franchise model. There is no expensive real estate, long term leases or facility build out fees for fixed locations that can be in excess of $750,000.
  • Be ready to open and start running your business in as little as 4 to 6 weeks (once agreements are signed)
  • A partnership with a well established organization with a solid foundation and over 30 year history of Franchise experience. Wee Watch is the only regulated home-based child care organization to follow a unified system throughout 45 agencies
  • A proven system that applies extensive operational guidelines for maximum efficiencies and profits.
  • Unlimited potential to grow your business while maintaining highest standards of quality child care. Where centres are limited with restrictions on their building capacity, which dictates the number of children they can have in care, Agencies are able to expand their network of Providers homes to accommodate more children.
  • Work from an office location that suits your preferences and lifestyle.
  • An exclusive territory.
  • Wee Watch® franchise owners do not provide child care themselves. Franchisees take care of the business. Their Providers take care of the children. Franchisees are fully trained how to start and manage their daycare business – to recruit, train, monitor and support Providers who will offer professional daycare in their homes.
  • Being part of the Wee Watch family, you are never alone and fully supported with a network of experienced professionals.

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I feel very fortunate to be doing a job I love within an organization I believe in. We have the best system in place to support and enhance the early childhood experience for the child, parent and family. With the support and guidance I receive from the Head Office, I am able to concentrate on the families and providers. It is a reassuring feeling to know I can just pickup the phone at anytime and receive the support I need.end-quote
– Gayle O'Connor, franchisee since 2005